What is ECP?

  • ECP is an invite-only program to be an exclusive partner with us.
  • Zero risks, only profits!
  • Grow your profits when you (or your partners) successfully refer
    more people to be part of our program!

How do I profit from ECP?

  • Your profit will come from the overall turnover from your referees (downline).
  • The unique trait about ECP is that, no matter your referees or partners referred by your downline win or loses, the main referrer (you) will gain a profit.

How many downlines can each partner have?

  • Each ECP partner can have up to 8 tiers of downline referred partners.
  • Partners in Tier 1 would be the ones that you have referred.
  • For Tier 2 to 8, they are the partners that your downlines have referred.
  • Having more tiers simply means you will earn a larger profit from our program!


Tier 1
(100% x 0.2%) x TURN OVER
Tier 2
(70% x 0.2%) x TURN OVER
Tier 3
(60% x 0.2%) x TURN OVER
Tier 4
(50% x 0.2%) x TURN OVER
Tier 5
(40% x 0.2%) x TURN OVER
Tier 6
(30% x 0.2%) x TURN OVER
Tier 7
(20% x 0.2%) x TURN OVER
Tier 8
(10% x 0.2%) x TURN OVER

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